Magi-Nation Duel

Magi-Nation Duel

An Interactive Card Game for All Ages

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2I LLC (Interactive Imagination)

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At the turn of the century, Magi-Nation emerged as an amazing, ​immersive, and most importantly fun and easy to learn trading ​card game. It travelled the world, with releases in the US and ​Japanese card game markets, was made into a game for the ​Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance, and was even adapted ​into an animated series.

In the story of Magi-Nation, powerful magic users and ​summoners, the Magi, banded together to defeat Agram, an ​ancient evil from the shadows of their homeland that had ​chased them to the Moonlands. He was defeated in his place of ​power, the Core of the Moonlands, and the Core was sealed ​once more. But soon thereafter, a resurgence of dark forces, the ​shadow-magi, left the Moonlands shrouded in darkness for 2 ​decades.

Traitor's Reach, a set completed, but never before released, is ​finally ready to break free of the shadow and invite a new ​generation to interactive imagination in the Moonlands. We ​welcome back old heroes and invite new Magi to join the ranks ​as we push to reignite the Spirit of the Moonlands!


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Young Magi and their Elders love Magi-Nation

"A cult classic card game made all the better by its ever-growing world and lore. Magi-Nation is easy to learn, but creates countless possible deck combinations and hours of enjoyment, whether you're playing with friends or delving into the storyline."

-Robbie P., 33 years old

"It's fun! The art is good. I love my foil Giant Carillion."

-- Leonel, 7 years old

"It's like the Othello of card games, simple to pick up but will keep you engrossed for years to come. It has for me and I've been playing for 20 years."

- Paul W., 37 years old

About the Team

2I LLC is the remaining rights holder to the Magi-Nation Duel ​Trading Card Game, which they developed before the TV series of ​the same name was made by Cookie Jar and now held by ​Wildbrain. They retained the rights to their card game when the ​license was granted for the show, but did not have the funds to ​continue printing Magi-Nation Duel. In the last two decades ​crowdfunding has become much more accessible with the rise of ​crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Backerkit and our ​community has shown that there is an alive and vibrant hope for ​rerelease under new business conditions. We jumped to revive ​our beloved IP with the help of our partners like Arcanist's Armory ​LLC, staffed with lifelong fans and a new generation with ​crowdfunding and modern sales experience.

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Magi Memorials

Has Magi-Nation helped bring you closer to loved ones who are no longer with us?

Let their love remain part of Magi-Nation Duel’s legacy:

Email us to submit a memorial

Please keep all language PG

"Steven Adam Collins was one of my best friends and we bonded over Magi-Nation. When he passed away I inherited his dice business and decided to pick up making Magi-Nation accessible and affordable. That's how we got here."

--Sharik Peck, Arcanist's Armory Owner 32

"Dane Christensen was an amazing person, creative mind, and dedicated friend. He also absolutely loved Magi-Nation. Even as adults we'd get together and play sometimes. He had a deep and creative mind and uplifted everyone he met. When Matt Holmberg took time and effort out of his life to memorialize Dane as his favorite regions Magi, it was extremely meaningful to me, his brother, his mother and his friends. Matt's gesture, along with MND, to me, represents the best things I remember about my friend, and this game will live forever in my mind as an authentic memento to one of the best people I've ever known"

--R. M.

"Mitchell Wyatt was my brother, and the closest sibling to me in age. We both loved gaming, and we started playing Magi-Nation when I was in high school. We formed a whole friend group around the game, and it was something that connected us to each other and a happy time in our childhood. I'm happy to do what I can to pass on this experience to another generation, and to remember my brother and the good times we had together. "

-Paul Wyatt

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Sharik Peck


Owner at Arcanist's Armory & Head of Project Logistics